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mean many things – to indulge in doing nothing, be enveloped in another’s company, to read, relax and dream at the week’s end.

Imagine if every day was a Sunday – if even a few minutes of each day were sparked of that same lucid togetherness. A simpler, slower, more peaceful existence.

Every creation by Seven Sundays Studios intends to embody this philosophy. To enable you to wallow in that blissful Sunday sensation, spend an extra hour by the fire with a comfy blanket, lounge or stretch on a soft rug or take a cat nap.

Welcome to Seven Sundays Studios’ collection of one-of-a-kind home goods and vintage finds. Our creative process is driven by a love of color, experiencing new cultures, collecting art, and all things unique.

Our warm, organic designs are entirely handcrafted in our San Francisco Studio. Exploring the relationship between color, shape and touch, designs are rarely repeated and never identical.

You may find a calm in their engaging textures and vibrant style, be driven to stroke, rearrange or run your fingers through them. Our designs are surprisingly easy to integrate into a variety of home environments. Their unique quality is the ability to shape shift, please your senses and age gracefully.

To complement our original designs, we celebrate Morocco’s hypnotic artistry with a closely curated selection of hand- picked vintage rugs, craft and homeware.


Anya is a fashion industry alumni who, during her extensive travels, has called Brussels, Moscow, New York, and San Francisco home. She's been making and creating as long as she can remember. Her lifelong desire to create draws on the bonds between our surroundings and happiness, our creativity and well-being, and beauty of imperfection.

She currently resides in San Francisco with her partner and kids.