Seven Sundays Studios

Miko Sheepskin Rug #24 "Painting With Wool" series


Handmade in San Francisco

Sheepskin, wool

Spot cleaning/professional dry cleaning 

64"x 44" approximately

Crafting a Miko sheepskins rug involves a meticulous process of assembling multiple pieces of various textures and hues.

The transformative touch comes with the addition of a wool fringe—sourced locally from Navajo-Churro sheep. The strands of wool become strokes of a brush, and as they are carefully integrated, a sense of "painting with wool" emerges. The wool fringe is felted by hand to make it stronger.

The rugs are as versatile as they get! You can use them on the bed, floor in a low traffic/no shoes area or on a wall. They make a stunning wall hanging! 

All of the rugs are one-of-a-kind, created in my studio in San Francisco.