Seven Sundays Studios

Miko Teppe #1


Handmade in San Francisco

Sheepskin, wool

Spot cleaning/professional dry cleaning 

64"x46" from the widest points, 64"x67" to the bottom of the fringe approximately

Miko Teppe collection was inspired by my nostalgic memories of growing up in Russia where it was common to display valuable rugs on a wall. Family’s rugs were a great source of pride and status while also helping to insulate homes during cold Russian winters.

Many steps go into crafting a Miko Teppe sheepskins rug.  Assembling multiple sheepskin pieces of various textures and length. Braiding the wool sourced locally from Navajo-Churro sheep and stitching it to the rug. Prepping the wool for fringe application by wet felting it to get different yarn texture and thickness. Hand-felting the wool fringe to make it stronger and stiffer. It's a slow, meticulous and meditative process.

All of the rugs are one-of-a-kind, created in my studio in San Francisco.